Sundar STEM School Scholarships Pakistan 2020

  Sundar STEM School Scholarships Pakistan 2020


Sundar STEM School is established with the main purpose to prepare students who we hope will develop into world-class scientists, engineers, researchers and educationists in Mathematics and Science-related fields.

 In addition to science subjects, students are made to read and experience a vast body of world literature in order to help them become sensitive human beings.

Teaching of Mathematics is focused on preparing the students for selection and participation in International Math Olympiad (IMO). 

Consequently, the Maths curriculum is built around IMO. Computer Science is another subject of serious study at SSS and the school is in the process of preparing a curriculum to actively engage the students towards participation in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

The first school session shall commence from April 2021 with a crash preparatory program in Mathematics, Python Programming, and English. 

Formal classes for Year 9 (O-Levels) are to start from 1st September 2021. The selection of students who meet the admissions criteria established by SSS is ongoing.











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