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How to increase your Self Confidence

How to Build and Boost up your Self Confidence quickly!

We cannot deny the significance of self confidence in our daily life,what we see in most successful persons is a self confidence along with many other things.

So, if you really want to be successful in your every walk of life you need to boost up your self confidence and for this purpose you need to work on yourself and I'll guide you through this article..

Here are some Tips for you to Supercharge your Self Confidence

1. Don't Compare yourself to others especially successful peoples

You might disagree with, but its reality that most people's mind trends are negative and we always compare our misfitness to others' awesomeness and then we got depressed which make us unable to do what even easily we can.

While in My opinion if you compare your now to the past you will get more stronger and self confident. you should always remember your good times if you want to move forward.

2. Don't be afraid of making mistakes

Stop Caring what others think! Low self confidence and shyness make us unable to do anything and fear of losing stop us what we can do.

I say, you must face your fear and can do mistakes but pick some good experiences from it which will make you Self confident And leave that mistakes next times it will make you more confident and surely future is yours..

If today we praises our past inventors, scientists and leaders that doesn't mean that they were perfect man of that times.

while they did lot of mistakes to discover and developed what eases us now.

3. Imagine, Being Most confident person in every situation 

Positive thinking about yourself make you believe that you are really confident and it helps trick your mind that you are good at something.

Mostly your negative thinking quickly distort you and you lose your self confidence. So everyday, visualize positive thinking about yourself.

4. Become Master at one thing at least.

Be good at what you love to do. and o you know everybody is unique, everybody has one unique trait in him. So you must have one thing unique.

Try to be good at one thing at least. for example if you are not good at Urdu or math or physics but you may be good at geography.

 So make it more perfect this will keep you stand out the crowd and you will feel more confident.

5. Try one new thing which even make you uncomfortable

If you want to be more successful in. Life and you want to play a leadership role then you need to leave your comfort zone.

Whole history is full of stories which tells us that all leaders became leaders when they left their comfort zone and try to do complex things which others feel uncomfortable doing it.

someone said "Two Third of Promotion is Motion".. So, try to do new things as a challenge which will advance  your self confidence.

6. Try to be like and act like other Confident people

Do you follow someone who has good personality traits and self confidence? Now act like him and behave like he is doing and with time you will be able to act confidently. Pick some best habits and gestures of other confident people.

For example confident people never shy to talk with anyone and any situation, they try to sit in front of stage and act like a leader they have clear and bold voice which you need to build in yourself.

7. Sophisticated dressing

Well dress and body language significantly impact and of course Boost up your confidence.

As we feel shy in ugly dress and ashamed to appear anywhere. Same like Stunning dress create good impact on your personality and reactions and people believe in our maturity through our dress and body languages..

If you are confused about how to dress well or what suits your personality then you can watch anyone perfect looking man who has same body structure like you and you can copy his dressing and try on yourself..

 8. Prepare well before delivering any Speech or Presentation

Different mothods and extra know how about something increases your worth and ultimately you become more confident.

Anytime if you need to deliver a lecture or present something before audience, get well prepared and know some different methods and techniques, surely people will appreciate your efforts and by time you will become authority in your concepts and this will rise your confidence level.

Concluding remarks

Please know yourself, you are unique, you have some unique qualities. Self Confidence is not an Injection or not a organ which will inject or insert in you and you will Supercharge. Its a mind game, its a word power and you can do it if you dare... 

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